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下載 Fedora 26 Atomic Host

Atomic Host is built every 2 weeks or so.

These are the latest official Fedora Atomic Host images, produced 2 days ago.

Atomic Host 映像檔

Fedora Atomic Host is a leading edge base operating system following the Project Atomic model. It is designed around Kubernetes and containers. The images published here showcase that work. Note that the images have passed several levels of automated testing.

  • Please test before using new versions in production. If you do discover a problem, the Atomic Host tools make it easy to flip back to an earlier release — and if that happens, please also help us by filing bugs or submitting fixes.
  • Fedora Atomic Host images are updated roughly every two weeks, rather than on the main six-month Fedora cadence. Because development is moving quickly, only the latest major Fedora release is supported.
  • Note that different Fedora Atomic Host media are subject to different levels of automatic testing. You can learn more about the Atomic project at projectatomic.io. Click here to see the current test status.

Atomic Host Images for Amazon Public Cloud EC2

The links below will provide you listings of available Atomic Host Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) AMIs by region with buttons to launch them in your Amazon Web Services account. AMI IDs for usage with the AWS Console or command-line tools are also provided.

GP2 格式

GP2 format AMIs use faster SSD storage; use these AMIs for speed, although note your storage costs will be more than standard.


Standard format AMIs are more suitable if you have infrequently accessed data and want to keep storage cost low.

適用 Vagrant 的 Atomic Host 映像檔

Vagrant Boxes for Fedora Atomic Host are available for the VirtualBox and Libvirt providers. You can bring up Fedora Atomic Host in a vagrant box by downloading the images from Fedora or using the vagrant tools to pull the images from HashiCorp's Atlas.

檢視 Vagrant 下載
使用 Vagrant 工具檢視下載

For more information about running Vagrant on Fedora Workstation, see our wiki page.

Atomic Host Images for Cloud Environments

qcow2 映像檔

這是 Fedora 26 Cloud Atomic Host 的 Qcow2 格式映像檔,適用於 OpenStack。


64 位元 722MB Qcow2 映像檔


這是 Fedora 26 Cloud Atomic Host 的壓縮後原生映像檔格式。若您還不確定該使用哪一種,請使用這種格式。


64 位元 511MB xz 壓縮原生映像檔

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Project Atomic: Getting Started

Documentation on getting started using Project Atomic / Atomic Host.

Project Atomic: Mailing List

Join the upstream mailing list at atomic@projectatomic.io.

Project Atomic: IRC Chat

Join the Project Atomic channel #atomic on irc.freenode.org.