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“The simplicity introduced with rolekit and cockpit have made server deployments a breeze. What took me a few days on other operating systems took less than an hour with Fedora 27 Server. It just works.”

Dan Mossor, Engenheiro de Sistemas

Fedora Server is a short-lifecycle, community-supported server operating system that enables seasoned system administrators experienced with any OS to make use of the very latest server-based technologies available in the open source community.

Administração Fácil

Manage your system simply with Cockpit's powerful, modern interface. View and monitor system performance and status, and deploy and manage container-based services.

Funções do Servidor

There's no need to set up your server from scratch when you use server roles. Server roles plug into your Fedora Server system, providing a well-integrated service on top of the Fedora Server platform. Deploy and manage these prepared roles simply using the Rolekit tool.

Serviços da Base de Dados

Fedora Server brings with it an enterprise-class, scalable database server powered by the open-source PostgreSQL project.

Solução Completa para Domínio Empresarial

Level up your Linux network with advanced identity management, DNS, certificate services, Windows(TM) domain integration throughout your environment with FreeIPA, the engine that drives Fedora Server's Domain Controller role.

“The Docker Role for Fedora Server was simple and fast to install so that you can run your Docker images. This makes a great testbed for beginners and experts with docker so that they can develop their applications on the fly.”

John Unland, Information Systems Student

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