Fedora Logotext

Freedom. Friends. Features. First.

Fedora は、常に誰でも自由に使用、変更、配布することができます。Fedora を作り上げ、使っているのは、コミュニティとして協力し合う世界中の人たち、すなわち Fedora Project です。

Fedora の最新情報を手に入れる

Stay connected with the Fedora Project and get all the latest news and reports in Fedora Magazine.

Fedora ドキュメント

Check out the Release Notes for detailed information on the current release. To learn more about using Fedora and details such as system requirements, see the official documentation.

他の Fedora を探していますか?

The Fedora community also releases ARM images, alternate live Spins, and other variations of Fedora tailored to specific requirements. Browse them at the Spins page.


Need some help with Fedora? Ask a question at Ask Fedora, email other users on the mailing lists, or chat realtime in the IRC Channels.