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“We chose to use Fedora Atomic as the base for our Navops Launch — Kubernetes cluster provisioning solution because our customers trust and already run Red Hat operating systems. We love the immutable aspect of Fedora Atomic which is perfect for containerized environments.”

Cameron Brunner, Chief Architect, Navops by Univa

Atomic Host

Atomic Host da Project Atomic è una piattaforma leggera e immutabile, progettata con l'unico scopo di eseguire applicazioni container.

Fedora's version of Atomic Host uses the same package repositories as Fedora Server, and provides the latest versions of the Atomic.

OStree Updates

Atomically update your system from the latest upstream OStree. Make your servers identical, and easily roll back if there's an upgrade problem.

Atomic CLI

Gestisci i container Docker, i system container, le App Atomic e altro ancora usando un'unico e comodo tool a linea di comando.

Ottimizzato per Kubernetes e OpenShift

Building a Kubernetes or Origin cluster to run your containerized applications? Run it on Fedora Atomic, which provides you the platform you need on a smaller, leaner OS.

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