Fedora Workstation.

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Fedora Workstation is a reliable, user-friendly, and powerful operating system for your laptop or desktop computer. It supports a wide range of developers, from hobbyists and students to professionals in corporate environments.

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Focus on your code in the GNOME desktop environment. GNOME is built with developer feedback and minimizes distractions, so you can concentrate on what's important.

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Skip the drag of trying to find or build the tools you need. With Fedora's complete set of open source languages, tools, and utilities, everything is a click or command line away. There's even project hosting and repositories like COPR to make your code and builds available quickly to the community.


Get virtual machines up and running quickly to test your code on multiple platforms using GNOME Boxes. Or dig into powerful, scriptable virtualization tools for even more control.

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Containerize your own applications or deploy containerized applications out of the box with built-in Open Container Initiative (OCI) image support.

Support Resources


User documentation is available at Fedora documentation.


Support is available at ask.fedoraproject.org.


Users and developers are available in the #workstation channel on Fedora Chat and on Fedora Discussion.