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“Fedora 24 gives me the balance I'm looking for — a leading edge operating system with enterprise-level tools for fast provisioning and configuration.”

Major Hayden, Principal Architect at Rackspace

Minimal, fast, flexible

Everything you need, and nothing you don't. The Fedora Cloud Base image is smaller, so you can deploy faster. Then use the universe of services and tools in Fedora to customize, so your cloud is right for you.

Public or private

Deploy and run Fedora Cloud in public or private cloud infrastructure, using the industry standard tools cloud-init and OpenStack Heat. Wherever you run your cloud, Fedora is ready to go.

Designed for containers

Want easy, scalable app deployment? Fedora Atomic Host is optimized and streamlined to run Docker containers out of the box. Whether you're rolling out a handful of containers, or scaling up to meet incredible demand, you can do it with Fedora Atomic Host.

Project Atomic inside

The new Project Atomic update system works like git for your operating system. Now you can update and roll back with confidence and minimal downtime.

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